Kialo does not encourage reusing existing claims

posted Aug 4, 2018
Last time I tried out Kialo, statement reuse was near non-existent. It looked more like a 'hyperlink' to another statement than anything truly integrated in the system. It also seemed hardly used. Has this changed since? – Whathecode Aug 4, 2018 06:12
On Kialo, when you're creating a claim, it searches for similarly-worded claims. If you see one that matches what you were going to enter, you instead choose to Link it, which puts the claim in both places. It's like a symlink, not a hyperlink – Autivance Aug 4, 2018 14:54
Might be a new feature they have added since, will check out the latest version when I find the time! Thanks for the info. – Whathecode Aug 4, 2018 15:05