posted Aug 2, 2018
Removing/editing statements becomes highly complicated with the reuse of statements in mind and we have a few concepts in mind to deal with this. For now, the decision was to disallow deleting used statements to prevent 'breaking' other arguments unintentionally. – Whathecode Aug 3, 2018 07:24
Aghos said: "this could be done by reference, if there is only 1 reference the statement could be deleted, if more than one you can check if the user came from a tree and delete the reference for that tree, otherwise give an error if the user came directly to the statement." – Whathecode Aug 3, 2018 07:26
Yes. We are evaluating whether it should be possible to remove a related statement directly when there is only one reference (which also somewhat implies you created that reference). However, since this would end up in an 'invisible' special case in which the delete button works and when it does not, our current preference was to make it consistent. But I agree, this needs improvement. We have a delete/edit mechanism in mind for that. – Whathecode Aug 3, 2018 07:27